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Yoga Blanket

AED99.00 AED69.00

Designed for yoga such as fitness or bodybuilding exercise. Can be as a gift for lover, family member, friends who are going to do yoga, etc.


This yoga mat is anti-slip, and eco-friendly. With vivid color, they can help you feel better when you are doing yoga
With good elasticity, this yoga mat is uneasy to be torn or even broken off. Durable for exercise
This lightweight yoga mat is only suitable for gentle yoga exercises indoor.
It is easy to clean. Brings you a clean feeling when you are doing yoga on it
Comes with 173×61 cm size, this yoga mat can allow you to lie down or sit down, etc when you are doing yoga practice

*Kindly note: the color might have a slight difference in the actual purple blanket. It depends on the availability of the product.


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